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  • The most important tip is to always call Kelley Mechanical Services for all your heating & air conditioning needs residential and commercial.
  • It is important to perform maintenance on inside and outside equipment.
  • Inspect filters monthly
  • Inspect and clean out door condensing unit.
  • Inspect and clean indoor or outdoor furnace
  • Keep outside unit clear of grass, weeds and/or vines.
  • Always call to see what tax credits or refunds are available.
  • If furnace is in closet do not store brooms or other materials in closet.
  • Help prevent allergies and dust problems. Indoor air quality is important to improve the air you breathe.
  • Do not place any type of furniture or other objects to close to return vents they must be allowed to breathe.


  • To properly insure good maintenance on heating and cooling equipment it is best to call Kelley Mechanical Services for a professional cleaning and inspection of equipment.
  • When professionally cleaned and maintained it will insure safety and maximum efficiency and longevity of equipment and lower utilities.
  • Kelley Mechanical Services offers annual maintenance contracts which makes you a preferred customer with discounts and faster service.
  • A system that is 10 years or older you may consider the option of upgrading with a new and higher efficient system.
  • Saving on utilities and performance of how well it heats and cools the conditioned area.
  • Kelley Mechanical Services offers many convenient ways of payments, financing 12 months 0% interest and extended payments with low 5.99% interest rates. We accept checks, cash and all major credit cards.
  • To prequalify financing, contact us at (901) 288-4343 or through our online form.
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