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Air Conditioning

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Whether you are replacing an aging air conditioner unit or adding a new air conditioning system to new or existing construction, the professionals at Kelley Mechanical Services are experts at identifying and installing the best system for your residential or commercial needs. We are also experts at all aspects of air conditioner repair!

Residential Sales, Service and Installation

When it comes to living in the Mid-South, there is one thing on which every homeowner can agree – the need for an air conditioner! The scorching summer temperatures and oppressive humidity cause even the toughest Southerners to seek out the cool comfort of an air-conditioned environment.

The experts at Kelley Mechanical Services have been helping Memphis-area homeowners keep their houses cool and comfortable for over 35 years. Kelley’s highly trained consultants are experts at identifying the best cooling system for every residential application. Whether you need to cool a bungalow or mansion, Kelley is ready to professionally install energy efficient cooling systems that utilize the latest technology to ensure years of uninterrupted service.

The professionals at Kelley Mechanical Services are also experts at air conditioner service and repair. When your air conditioner breaks down, we understand that you want it fixed as soon as possible. Kelley’s professional team will respond quickly, analyze the problem, and get your cooling system back up and running before you even break a sweat.

For all your residential cooling needs, you can trust the professionals at Kelley Mechanical Services.

Commercial Sales, Service and Installation

Smart business owners understand that when workers are comfortable, they are more productive and efficient. Likewise, a pleasant commercial environment welcomes customers and gives them a positive overall experience.

The professionals at Kelley Mechanical Services have been keeping Memphis-area businesses of all sizes cool and comfortable for more than 35 years. Our highly experienced technicians understand the unique needs of commercial cooling applications. From packaged rooftop units to split systems and everything in between, Kelley’s installers will assess your needs and professionally install the latest in energy-efficient air conditioners that meet the unique demands of your commercial application.

We can also service and repair your existing air conditioning system. We understand that a broken air conditioner can effectively shut down your business. Our professional technicians will respond promptly, quickly identify the issue and return your system to full operating power before your employees and customers even realize there was a problem.

Trust the experts at Kelley Mechanical Services to keep your business cool and comfortable all summer long.

If these or any other problems are affected your air conditioning, contact us at (901) 288-4343 or through our online form.

Common repairs we address:

  • Unbalanced air conditioning
  • Rooms not cooling
  • AC unit not blowing cold air
  • Broken thermostat
  • Freon leaks
  • Duct leaks
  • Noisy units
  • High utility bills
  • Request Service

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